Downtown Roma Walk

5 stars
Találkozási pont: Széchenyi tér, Bronz Lovas szobor előtt

Our city walk starts in the city of the culture, the famous Mediterranean atmosphered regional center. Starting from the Széchenyi Square, you can get to know the downtown of Pécs from at aspect, you were never thinking about.  Are you interested how the history and culture of Pécs is connected to Roma people in Pécs? Do you know, what kind of occupations did Roma people have in the 16th century’s Sultan city?  What do you think, what is common in Pécs’ most famous pedestrian street, the National Theatre of Pécs, Panna Czinka and Roma?  You can get to know it, if you come for our Downtown Walk, and we descover it together, what are the answers to these questions! Apply, get to know the stories of Roma people in Pécs!

The fee of the walk: 1500 HUF / student under 18 years

2000 HUF/ Student above 18 years (university students)

3000 HUF/adult

The walk can be started with minimu 10, maximum 30 participants.

Duration: 2 hours.

Meeting point: Széchenyi Square, in front of the Bronze Hosres Statue

In case you would like to have a private tour, write to us to e-mail address.


Payment Policies
Prepayment / Cancellation
Allowed Cancellation: No
Time allowed to free: 7 day
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