Never seen Pécs

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Találkozási pont: Pécs Fehérhegy – a buszfordulónál.


2018. december 4. kedd (kezdés: 15:00
2018. december 12. szerda (kezdés: 15:00)

In Pécs, the old-time mining city we invite you for a wlak, where you can get to know how the past influences the present.  In the old mining-colony of Pécs, now there are mostly Roma people living, whose life is not familiar to the non-Roma.  Are you interested in how the social changes influence the everyday life of people? In our guided tour in the Eastern part of Pécs we show you how the traditions, culture and arts are built in to the coexisting Roma and non-Roma people’s life.  During the walk you can see an exhibition, where the Roma artist herself will show you her paintings. At the end you an taste some traditional Roma food in one of the most special and unique apartment restaurant, in Kóstolda.  Apply for our wlak, and get to know the never seen face of Pécs!

The fee of the walk: 5000 HUF/person, which includes the price of the exhibiton and the food in Kóstolda too!

The walk can be started with minimu 10, maximum 30 participants.

Duration: approximately 2 hours.

Meeting point: Pécs, Fehérhegy – at the final bus station.

In case you would like to have a private tour, write to us to e-mail address.


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Time allowed to free: 7 day
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