Social enterpreneurship

In 2018 we have won the “​Lépj velünk! – Step with us!” social innovation program of UniCredit Bank Hungary.

In the close race the jury gave the first prize to Uccu Foundation’s 8th District Walk, so we got a chance to call on people, who would not have an opportunity to meet Uccu’s mission otherwise.

Thanks to the support, we could start Uccu Roma City Walks as a social entrepreneurship, with which we can accomplish the aim offering city walk services on the market, using our previous experiences from the basic activities of Uccu.

The UniCredit Bank Hungary in the framework of Lépj velünk! – Step with us! program invests in promising social enterpreneurships, which provides employment for disadvantaged social groups  With the support of UniCredit Foundation and with the professional mentoring of NESsT we could start realizing Uccu’s social entrepreneurship with an own business-development plan and involvement of experts.

In the past few months we have worked together with many experts, so in November 2018 we could start  Uccu Budapest Roma City Walks.  We are very proud of preparing 11 Roma youngsters in our trainings to be tour guides, who will lead wlaks in Budapest and Pécs regularly.

Many thanks for the support of UniCredit  Bank Hungary and NESsT ! The Lépj Velünk! – Step with us! program is a huge milestone in Uccu Foundation’s life. The UCCU Budapest Roma City Walks social entrepreneurship is a chance to call on people who could not meet with Uccu’s mission otherwise. This is a big opportunity to reduce the prejudices against Roma and support the dialogues between Roma and non-Roma.