Team Building

When organizing team buildings nowadays, there are many possibilities to choose from, but  Uccu Roma City Walks offer a unique service on the market. 

In our team building program the participants not only can get a piece of Budapest and Pécs cities’ never seen sights, but also during the interactive workshop they can get formed a real team in an unnoticed way, as they get more open to each other and to the outside world too.

Uccu has led numerous sensitization workshops for several target groups in Hungarian and also English language. The main topic of the workshops is the Roma identity, culture and history, with the primary aim of making the Roma culture more visible and close to non-Roma.  Based on the previous years’ experiences we worked out our complex team building program, whih of course includes also some elements of Uccu workshops.

The “See the world through my eyes!” package offers a complex team building program for firms, small-, medium- and big companies, and public sector workers.

The trainers of the team building are the young Roma of Uccu.

Our interactive service is experience-centric, helps the team in comprehensive thinking, and also supports the realization of social dialogues and strengthens the connection between the team members within the company, while enhancing the cultural diversity.

Interactive Uccu training for the Police of Zugló

Uccu Foundation prepared an interactive training in September 2018 for the Police Office of Zugló in Budapest, adjusted to the needs of the district agent policemen, using the methodology and mission of Uccu. The workshop fit in the “Policeman is my neighbor!”

Uccu team building training for the employees of the Canadian Embassy

The Canadian embassador,  Isabelle Poupart and her team got to know more about Roma culture and identity topic in a half day long workshop. After the Uccu training with team building elements, we went to a city walk in the 8th district together.


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