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From the 8 educational moduls, the 8th District Walk tour was the most popular, and got to be a social entrepreneurship.

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In Hungary, the Roma-related stereotypes and prejudices are wide-known and general. Due to the school- and residential segregation and the social differences, an average non-Roma has little chance to meet Roma people and get to know their culture. Non-Roma can base their knowledge about Roma on the media-shown distortions, the internet-spread hate campaigns and other non-authentic sources.

However, there are many research strengthening the fact that the intercultural meeting reduce the prejudices.

Uccu Foundation creates a platform for meetings and dialogues with Roma youngsters, primarily for students, through its educational activity. However, our experiences show that also most of the adults have the curiosity and openness to experience similar meetings, but there is no platform for getting to know each other. Uccu considers it important to provide this opportunity for all.

Uccu Foundation

Awards, and recognition

  • 2018 One of the winning projects of Unicredit Bank’s “Step With Us” social innovation programme for the Uccu Budapest Roma Urban Walks
  • 2018/2019 Good Work Award Candidate- Voluntary Social Work Community Category
  • 2019 Civil Award- Winner of the Best Social Enterprise Award- Uccu Budapest Roma Urban Walks
  • 2019 Highlights of Hungary- Uccu Budapest Roma City Walks among the 55 most inspiring events in Hungary
  • 2019 Sozial Marie International Award for Social Innovation – Uccu Budapest Roma Urban Walks among the top 12 winners
  • 2019 Edison Platform among the 100 best educational programmes and special prize winner in the Coca Cola Hungary mentoring programme

Uccu Budapest
Romani Walking Tours

The Foundation works in 4 cities, from which in two ( Budapes, Pécs), our volunteers lead interactive walks for some years. During our 8 years of work, the 8th district walks were more and more popular, so by now we don’t only offer the walks for school-groups, but also for national and international organizations’ representatives, for embassies and foreigners in English and Hungarian language.

Our mission is to get the majority society acquinted with and closer to the Roma culture, thus we decided to establish the social entrepreneurship of Uccu Foundation, and through this we create a possibility for everyone to meet and discuss with us, by starting Uccu Budapest Roma City Walks service.

How we work

Many of our volunteers were telling how the fact of belonging somewhere and means a lot for them as well as the experience they got in Uccu.  It is an important goal for us to offer the Roma youngsters a supportive and safe environment and provide them with the chance for personal development. In such environment they can learn how to use their personal narratives to tell stories, tell about identity itself. The personal narratives, sharing the experiences make our walks unique.  All the knowledge and experience gained at the Foundation can serve our volunteers in their everyday life as well, especially in the world of work.

We established our principles along the belief in community, personal meetings and volunteering, and we organize our city walks and workshops for students accordingly.

“UCCU Identity” We apparel our tour guides with skills and knowledge to enable them speaking in a genuine way, through their personal narratives, showing real information, this way representing the values of Roma society and culture. This is the root of the exceptional power of Uccu Budapest Roma Walking Tours.